Fairy Planter Spitter


Fairy Planter Spitter
Item Number 78370
UPC 742575783703
MSRP $99.98
weight 9.25 lbs


Enhance your pond or water feature with the Aquascape Fairy Planter Spitter. Made from high-quality polystone material, this accent piece is lightweight, easy to install, and resistant to UV and heat exposure. The whimsical fairy provides visual interest and relaxing sounds as the water flows from her mouth. Make your spitter unique by adding your choice of planting to the 3″/7.62 cm planter head. A realistic faux patinaed brass finish and ideal size makes this feature great for any location, including streams, ponds, wetlands, and even patio ponds. The fountain measures 12″ long and 9.75″ high. Minimum recommended pump size: 90 GPH.


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